Avoiding Roof Valley Leaks

Avoiding roof valley leaks may not always be possible.  The reason is that your roof valley or valleys are the areas of your roof that get the most water and snow accumulation.  If your roof is poorly constructed, hasn’t been maintained or is older, you may begin to experience problems around the valleys of your roof.  AnyWeather The Roofing Experts can help you with the right repairs when you need it.  Here are some common reasons why avoiding roof valley leaks may be necessary:

Metal Roof Valley

Poor Roof Construction

Many times we find roofing nails have been placed too close to the valley.  This causes the roofing nails to draw moisture through the roofing material, which in turn causes the material to age faster.  This can result in water leaks or high wind damage.  AnyWeather The Roofing Experts can help you fix a roof that has been constructed improperly.  This will prevent problems in the future with water damage and more roof repairs.

Lack of Roof Maintenance

Roof valleys are notorious for collecting leaves, branches and other debris.  Avoiding roof valley leaks requires roofing maintenance that includes clearing away the debris that has collected in your roof valley.  If you live in an area where large trees cover the house or more debris tends to collect on your roof you will need to clean your roof several times a year.  Roof valleys are designed to funnel water into the gutter system.  If debris clogs this process or slows it down, water will begin to penetrate the roof material and cause problems.

Aging Shingles and Roofing Systems

Your roof system is designed to withstand many different weather conditions.  The problem is that over many years, your roofing shingles will begin to show signs of aging.  They may dry out, crack or begin to curl.  Aged shingles can no longer prevent water from seeping into your home.  In some cases you can repair the damaged shingles.  If your roof is nearing its age expectation or the number of affected shingles is large, a new roof may be the answer.   If your roof has been repaired before, you may find the problem has returned as your roof has aged.

Avoiding Roof Valley Leaks

AnyWeather The Roofing Experts can help you avoid leaks in your roof valley or other areas of your roof.  We are a local roofing company in Northern Kentucky that is dedicated to making sure your roofing system is watertight.  We guarantee fast, friendly service and a roofing repair or replacement that is done right!  Call AnyWeather The Roofing Experts for all your roofing needs!