Roof Cleaning

As a homeowner, you invest thousands of dollars on roofing. Therefore, it's important to keep your roof in good condition. We highly recommend a full roof cleaning every 2-3 years to keep your roof in tip-top shape. 

Cleaning Fungi, Grime and More

Is your roofing looking old and worn? Instead of immediately replacing it, try a deep cleaning! We use a safe and efficient cleaning solution that takes care of a wide diversity of roofing problems. In fact, we use these cleaning techniques to completely get rid of fungi, streaks on the roof, dust, dirt and any other types of debris. 

Making Roof Cleaning Look Effortless

With AnyWeather, roof cleaning is effortless. We work with each homeowner to ensure the schedule that they want is the timing that we working within. Therefore, they do not have to concerned themselves with having to rearrange their schedules because the work is not completely done.

Further, our team of professionals use the most innovative equipment in the industry to provide the most optimal roofing pressure services. They are also skilled and experienced in the doing the best job in the safest manner possible. With reasonable pricing, you can afford to schedule an annual cleaning! 

Typical Roof Cleaning Questions

Why should homeowners invest in Roofing Cleaning?

One of the biggest benefits to regular roofing cleaning is eliminating the need to replace the home’s roofing prematurely. Also, when the roofing has been cleaned properly, the owner will have a more attractive looking home and property. On the other hand, without these services, the roofing normally gets a tough work out because it is expose to the harsh elements that makes it fade from the sun and begin to deteriorate from fungus and other kinds of debris.

How costly is Roofing Cleaning in Northern Kentucky?

In order to find out the cost of a roofing cleaning job, the owner will need to contact us for an estimate. It is important to note, however, that the long term benefits of having this job done correctly on a regular basis is a substantial investment savings within itself. Especially, because it keeps the owner from having to replace the entire roofing when a major problems does occur because of its neglect.

Typically, the cost of these kinds of jobs will vary from one homeowner to another. Specifically, because these jobs are determined by the type of materials used, the dimensions of the roof, and the pitch. The owner should also take in consideration the type of obstacles involved in completing these jobs (i.e. the chimney along with other ductwork that is part of the overall structure).

Will the Staff Clean Any Style Roofing?

Yes, our staff has been trained to perform cleaning services on any style roofing.

Will the Roof be Harmed During Cleaning?

No, the equipment and non-abrasive cleaning agents used during these processes are designed to protect the roofing instead of causing any damage. Also, by utilizing soft water washers instead of harsh power washers, the roofing materials will not blow away or become damaged when the dirt and debris is being removed.

How Long does Roofing Cleaning take?

These procedures are normally performed and completed within a day. Though the size of the roofing, the pitch and the obstacles will determine the estimated time that is provided our representatives.

How Frequently is Roofing Cleaning Services Recommended?

Though many of our clients may request their roofing to be cleaned annually for maximum results, we recommend every 2-3 years.

What type of Gear is Used?

To complete your jobs properly, our cleaning services teams use a combination of things including a soft washer with special agents that designed to stubborn debris and dirt from the home’s roofing.

Is the Staff Licensed and Insured for the Job?

Yes, our staff of roofing cleaning professionals are licensed and insured in every area that we provide our services.