Roof Ventilation in Northern Kentucky

To conserve energy and save money on heating and cooling bills, your house needs to be properly ventilated, especially if you have an attic. Even if you don’t spend time in your attic, it is important to keep it well ventilated because the attic is part of your roofing system, which affects the rest of your home.
If your attic doesn’t have the ventilation it needs, chances are seasonal heat and condensation will cause mold, warping, or general decay to overtake your attic and roofing system. An attic can reach temperatures of 150 degrees in the summer. This heat radiates from the ceilings into your home, making it harder to keep your house cool and comfortable. In the winter, your attic can get in the single digits or even below zero, depending on where you live.
During the winter, condensation builds up in your attic if it is not ventilated, causing wet spots that lead to mold and mildew growth on the roof and rafters. Even if you have insulation, chances are the moisture could soak your insulation making it ineffective. In the long run, cleaning up a moldy or damaged roof will cost you more than having it properly inspected and ventilated in the first place. However, when your attic is ventilated, you will be surprised to see just how much easier it is to cool or heat your home.
For every three hundred square feet of attic space, a properly ventilated attic must contain at least 1 square foot of ventilation. For example, if your attic is 1,200 square feet, then you need 4 square feet of properly installed ventilation divided between air exhaust and air intake.
If your attic is not properly ventilated, we will do a thorough inspection and make recommendations for installing low-cost ventilation for your attic. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to protect your home, save money, and make your living space more comfortable.