Why Are My Roof Shingles Buckling?

We often get the question “Why are my roof shingles buckling?” There are a number of reasons why your shingles buckle.  It usually is the result of your wood decking moving or your felt underlayment wrinkling.  There are 3 common answers to the question “Why is my roof shingles buckling?” They are: 1. There is too much moisture in the roofing system. ,2. Using poor quality roofing materials. 3. Your shingles were laid improperly.

Roof Shingle Buckling

Too Much Moisture in the Roofing System

Many areas where high humidity is a problem during the summer, your roofing shingles may begin to buckle.  This could be the result of exposed wood decking that absorbs moisture and shifts.  It could also be the result of not having adequate ventilation in your attic.  Moisture in the home will escape through the roof causing buckling of the roof shingles.  Today’s homes are more “tight” than in the past and require extra ventilation to remove the moisture that accumulates during the summer months when the house is closed up.  Using a vapor barrier in the insulation and having the right amount of ventilation will fix this problem.  Sometimes exhaust fans also become necessary.  Once the moisture in the roofing system is gone, your roof should lay flat.  If you have an underlying leak that is allowing the roof to get moist, you need to address the roof repairs too.

Poor Quality Roofing Materials

The roofing materials you use on your roof should be roofing manufacturer approved.  This includes the wood decking underneath the shingle roof.  You should also be careful that the wood decking is not exposed to water and moisture before and during the roofing project.  Always include a asphalt-saturated felt shingle underlayment over your decking to keep the moisture out.  Choosing quality materials goes a long way toward a lasting roof and can prevent roof shingles from buckling.

Improperly Laying A New Roof

Besides choosing the right wood for your decking, you can also have trouble if you lay the decking too close together.  Decking should always have a minimum of 1/8” space to allow for the wood to expand and contract.  Decking that is too close will buckle and cause the shingles to buckle too. 

Why are my roof shingles buckling?

Once you discover your roof shingles buckling, you can determine where the problem lies.  A good roof inspection by a professional roofing company will give you the information you need to address the problem and get the roof repairs you need.  Many times if your roof shingles are buckling, you can remove the damaged shingles, replace damaged or wrinkled underlayment and your roof will be good as new.  More extensive damage to the roof will require other roofing repairs as needed.  AnyWeather Roofing can help you answer the question, “why are my roof shingles buckling?”  When you have a problem with your roof and need a reliable roofing company call AnyWeather Roofing.  You can depend on us for fast, efficient, friendly service every time.